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Accurate portfolio management data and useful, efficient reporting are integral parts of your business. Tandem Business Specialists focuses solely on achieving successes in this area for you and your organization.

Tandem Business Specialists - A premier provider of services related to Advent's Axys® and APX® software

About Us

Tandem Business Specialists provides expert and reliable services for companies using Advent® products. We bring extensive experience, in-depth product knowledge, and unwavering dedication to every business relationship. Our managing partners and staff have served in managerial, consulting, and front-line roles for independant RIA offices and wealth management firms as well as trust and banking companies. Our decades of hands-on experience with Advent® products such as Axys®, APX®, and Moxy® inform our understanding of the challenges and needs that are unique to each office.

Our distinctive combination of industry experience, portfolio management and office productivity software expertise, propietary processes and infrastructure, and unwavering attention to customer satisfaction allows us to provide our clients with the highest levels of service and quality assurance.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your needs and the ways in which our people and services may be ideally suited to meeting them.

Why choose Tandem?

Our team of industry experts can provide the knowledge and experience to

  • Dramatically ease your company’s operational workload
  • Optimize your data integrity
  • Improve the efficiency of your data management
  • Enable you and your staff to focus on your areas of expertise

Client Testimonials

We use Tandem Business Specialists for our custodial downloading/reconciliation and statement entry for Advent Axys and are very pleased with their services. Needless to say, it is refreshing to receive the prompt, personal service provided by Tandem.
Josh Lancaster, Director of Portfolio Operations/Chief Compliance Officer, Kinsight, LLC
Our experience with Tandem Business Specialists has always been professional, efficient and timely. We appreciate their outstanding customer service and support.
Client, Peak Investment Management
Tandem Business Specialists provide continuity and demonstrated expertise in back office operations for our Axys-based firm. We engage Tandem for daily reconciliation and also as advisors on industry and Advent best practices. We are pleased to be able to leverage Tandem’s services to provide space in our days to focus on growing our clients’ satisfaction.
Kristin Gerhard Steiner, Operations Manager, Avalon Trust
From the start, Tandem has been efficient and professional. They quickly got up to speed on the particulars of our business and our processes, and through the years have helped us get even more value out of our Advent Axys system. I am thankful to work with Tandem, because they give us the time and the peace of mind to focus on our clients and the growth of our business.
Roger Pine, Financial Advisor, Briaud Financial Advisors
I have been working with Tandem since August of 2010. I have found Susan to be extremely knowledgeable, and accessible. Anytime we had software problems that required Susan to update our accounts, Susan responded immediately. She is always willing to work around our timetable. Susan has given us peace of mind when it comes to Account Reconciliation. She gives us the confidence and accuracy our clients demand when discussing Account Performance.
Paul Pignone, Founder, Boston Retirement Advisors, LLC
We continue to be thrilled with Tandem’s ability to help our advisor clients navigate Advent, Tandem’s expert back office services within Advent, and Advent software costing and logistics issues. We continue to recommend Tandem to advisory firms looking for expert assistance with Advent and realize how liberating it is to outsource the portfolio accounting back office work so they can focus on business development.
Jennifer Goldman, President, My Virtual COO